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Panel Discussion Report 3: The Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Right


A panel discussion is one of the Assessments stated in Introduction of Civil Society subject. We need to form a panel discussion group where we need to discuss any kind of topics which is related to Civil Society. We form a group of five members who are Nasridini Asliddin from Tajikistan, Muzzaffar from Uzbekistan, Ayu Darwina from Malaysia, Sali Toure from Guinea and me, Syakirah Anati from Malaysia. Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Right was the chosen topic where we were discussion during the presentation day.

Overview of the point discussed

The Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Right has been chosen because it is a common topic all over the world whereby female or women get less attention by others and mostly being ignored about their right. The discussion has been carried out to discuss on the right of women in different perspectives which are Right to get Education, Right to be employed, Right to get and find their own Property and Right to get well-Security. The point on right to get education by Sali, has been shared with others where this problems occurs because of some culture who believe that women’s role just to do the house chores and take care of children only. The solutions given are, some of the civil society has carry out with some workshop and motivational talk to empower the women as women are able to understand and think broadly that they have right to get education for the benefits of their future.

Next the point is about the women’s right to get property has been raised by Ayu Darwina. She had discussed about one of the culture in Malaysia from Negeri Sembilan state where they have the culture which is still practice until today known as Adat Pepatih and Adat Temenggong. From this culture, the property of the generations will be given to the women side rather than man. Besides, she had mentioned the right of getting property from Islam perspective which is the husbands are responsible to give and provide property for their wives as it is a part of the pillar which has been read during Solemnization.

Third point has been answered by Muzaffar regarding the Right of Women to work. He discussed the issues where in most of the workplaces the priority to get work are men because of they think that women has less capability in completing their works. However, this way of thinking should be change because we can take the example of some women who are successful being as the Ministers, politician or doctors where we can understand that women has their own strengths to achieve their ambitions. He also mentioned that, the education is the extremely important matter for every women because without education they are not able to work.

Last point is about the most challenging part which women have to face. The Security of Women is the point which discussed by me, Syakirah Anati because currently nowadays the headlines in the newspapers are about women has been abused. The types of violence were discussed such as rape, sexual harassment in workplace and marriage and prostitution. Besides, the example of issues in Italy about every two and half days, the women has been murdered and the Damini’s case in India regarding the raped cases in the moving bus has been raised. Finally, at the end of the discussion she gave some of the civil society roles which help to overcome the victims and other women.

The Process

The process and planning before the panel discussion presentation has been done successfully. The group was form by three of us, Syakirah, Muzzaffar and Nasridin right after the lecturer gives us time to choose. We chose Sali as well because he came a bit late during that day, so we invite him to be a part of our group members and finally we select Ayu Darwina. We believe that our group is diversity since we came from four different countries. After selected all group members we realize that we are quite well known each other and we have our own strengths to come out with a good panelist points. The outline of our panel discussion has been carried out by Nasridin as we chose him to be as the moderator and found the suitable topic for the presentation.

We had attended two meeting before the day of panel discussion. This is because we wanted to discuss the structure of the panel discussion and who will be the first, second, third and fourth panelist. During the first meeting we identify that Sali will be the first panelist, followed by Ayu, Muzaffar and Syakirah Anati. The last meeting was the day which we were practicing the points since we really wanted everything will be fluently during the panel presentation day

The Implementation

During the whole process before the panel discussion presentation, we identified that most of us have our own strengths where we could came out with our own opinion before we searched the information from the internet as well. We shared our overview understanding and points on the day which the outline should be given to Mr. John. As the day of presentation, we noticed that all of us were ready to deliver our points and confident. However, there were some weaknesses during the process especially while choosing for the moderator role. None of us were volunteered to be as the moderator and finally we overcome it by asking each other and the majority had chosen Nasridin. In addition, another weakness was some of the group members were not attended the meeting and there were some changes has been made on the last meeting regarding the point was not suitable with the character and gender of the panelist. Therefore, the majority said it was fine since we were not having enough time to change and redo the research of some points and lastly we stick with our own points.

Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

The reflection of this panel discussion is I identify that I need to manage my time well during the panel discussion because the time given was not fit with my points which I need to elaborate more. Moreover, I had learned that I need to be well-prepared on everything I do because it is important and help to improve myself for the benefits of my future. In addition, I feel satisfy because my group is one of the group which manage to finish on time and I believe that all of us are successfully elaborate and discussed our points because at the end of the session none of the audience asked questions. As the topic is Women’s Right I feel so glad to tell others about what is exactly women’s right as I am a female, so this is one of the best way where we can deliver our ideas and empower the women as well as men. This is because men are able to understand and figure out what is the freedom need from women, hence they are able to implement it once they complete their studies and serve it to the women in their respective countries.


In conclusion, panel discussion is one of the best methods for all of us to share our opinion and current issues which are take place around the world. As women’s right is one of the focus issues, so it is undeniable that the roles of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) are significant to help and overcome this matters through empowering and react towards the need of women. Therefore, I believe that through the panel discussion some of us have been motivated to lend their hands in helping those women in need.

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