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Panel Discussion Report 26: Human Right Declaration

Overview of point discussed Human right declaration and are the human right declaration being implemented in the real life. We discussed about the implementation of human right declaration in countries, human right in Malaysia and human right in educational part.

The Process Mr John explains to us about the panel discussion in week 5. In the class Mr John asked us to form a group of five and we can choose our members freely without any condition or restriction. Everybody just start to look for a member and just randomly choose anybody that they saw. Because we can freely choose, the groups that were formed tend to be boy with boy and girl with girl. In our group we have five members from three different countries which are Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

In the class Mr John asked us to choose a topic and submit the outline on that day at the end of the lesson. At first we have a little bit difficulties in choosing a topic for our panel discussion. Everybody was suggesting the topic that they think suitable for the panel discussion. Afiqah from Malaysia became our moderator from the panel discussion. We came out with many topics such as woman right, volunteerism, and many more. It took us some time to decide which topic we should pick. There was one disagreement with our member when Kanikey from Kyrgyzstan said it will nice if we discuss about women empowerment in the panel discussion but Nurzhamal also from Kyrgyzstan said that she don’t want to talk about the topic because she doesn’t know anything about women empowerment and she doesn’t have anything to talk about. Well I’m kind of agree with her because there are nothing much to talk about women empowerment. At the end we made decision to take human right declaration as our topic for panel discussion. We all agree to take this topic because we can talk about the human right declaration in our country and we can discuss much on this topic. In the second meeting we decide about who will talk about what and the role of the panellist. Soon one of our members has to pull out from the group because she has to go back to her country because her mother is sick. We do our rehearsal in library right one hour before our panel discussion.

The Implementation During the panel discussion I can say that I satisfy with my group performance. But for me and myself still I’m not satisfy, I still refer to paper when I was presenting. I already tried many time to speak without reading the paper but the nervousness just kill my words so I have to bring note as a reference. If I practice five times there will five difference sentence will came out from my mouth, I wrote something else but I will speak difference things. Overall I feel satisfy with the panel discussion because I think we manage to deliver the thing that we want to discuss, just I think still can improve and do better in future.

Learning /Reflection From this panel discussion I get to know that even the whole world declare about the human right but actually in real life they don’t practice the human right properly. People tend to choose money than justice and human right. Human always become a servant to money. They will do anything as long as they live in wealth without consider about others. Even the government itself, they supposed to take care of their citizens but what is really happening in today’s world is they just use others for their sake. It is good panel discussion because we can discuss further with the issue and can let people to open their eyes on what is happening nowadays.

Conclusion Everybody should pay attention to this issue; everybody should cooperate with each other’s to settle this kind of issue. We should stop blaming and point a finger to each other, better start to find a solution before it become worse. Better late than never but it is better not to be late. For example like Syria crisis that is happening now, what are we doing? People are dying and here we are laughing and pretending like nothing is happening to our brothers and sisters there. Where is the human right then? For us maybe it is nothing because it is not us who lost families in front of our eyes. But for them it could mean everything. In conclusion, everybody should together slowly solve this matter.

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