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Panel Discussion Report 25: Has UN been successful or failure in fulfilling its goal

Overview of the point discussed:

As a topic of our panel discussion was about United Nations. The missions of United Nations is to establish a peace in the globe through combination of all nations in the universe. The United Nations was founded on October 24, 1945. The United Nations was established after the Second World War and after the failure of League of Nations. However, after the establishment of the United Nations has become successful to achieve its goals. The United Nations have so many branches in order to change the condition of the Nations where people are not successful to obtain their goals.

I would like to highlight the point what I mentioned in the panel discussion. The United Nations is working to resolve problems between countries and to develop relationship between nations. For instances, the cross water boundary conflict in the Bay of Bengal. The conflict was among three nations such as Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. The disputed island was named ‘New Moore‘ by India, and ‘South Talpatti‘ by Bangladesh. Since the unexpected appearing of South Talpatti / New Moore in 1971, Bangladesh and India have long undecided over the ownership of the island and the segregation of maritime boundary for over 40 years. The dispute island of Bay of Bengal around 3.5 km from the entrance of the Hariabhanga River, which functions as the disagreement Indo- Bangladesh nautical    perimeter streams between the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India and Satkhira district of Bangladesh.

Furthermore, the bay is somewhat triangular in shape, India’s demarcation only causes deprivation of marine resource to Bangladesh. As Myanmar also employs the equidistance principle to establish its maritime boundary, Bangladesh becomes the ‘zone-locked‘ country in the Bay of Bengal. The principle of equidistance defines a nation’s maritime boundaries should follow a median line that is ‘equidistant’ from the nearest points of the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea of each of the two States is measured.

Alternatively, India (and Myanmar) can maximize their EEZ maritime zones by following a separation that fulfils the following conditions; (1) denunciation of Bangladesh’s straight baseline, (2) the respective low-water lines as the territorial water boundaries, and (3) the present equidistance lines serves as the outer limits of the corresponding EEZ. Trilateral agreement between India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh is necessary to produce a full set of Maritime boundaries for the Bay of Bengal. The international Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has proclaimed to settle down the disagreement with reference to the allocation of nautical frontier in the Bay of Bengal in 2011 and the solution of the problems had given in March 2012.

Secondly, North and South Korea conflict resolution: There are the interaction of military, diplomatic and political between North and South Korea. From the segregation of Korea in 1945. The Korean was the first hot war of the cold war, over 55,000 Americans soldiers were executed in the conflict. The aim of USA was to protect South Korea from the enemy but unfortunately they became unsuccessful to their goals. The USA had decided to attack on the North Korea. Through attacked, there was a possibility to occur the third world war. The United Nations came to intervene and to protect the Universe from the third world war. Finally they became successful to confront this sort of problems.

Thirdly, The invasion of Kuwait: It is known as an Iraq-Kuwait war. The conflict was the consequences of a long-lasting regional dispute. Iraq alleged Kuwait of violating the Iraqi border to secure oil resources. Iraqi soldiers invaded the country shortly after midnight on 2nd August 1990. The war was almost 7month and there were so many destruction and many people lost their building and became poor and it effected over all the Kuwait residents. By the interfering of United Nations the conflict was solved between countries.

Fourthly, United Nations is also helping nations who are politically unstable: I would like to point out how the United Nations is functioning to confront the political unstable difficulties. For instances, The Syrian civil war, in this war were so many people died. The people who were against President Bashar Al-Assad, and making environment bad condition, he commonly controlled the situation by using his power. The use of chemical power and the involvement of Hezbollah, the condition became worsened. According to the United Nations in its third year has killed 90000 people in the civil war. The United Nations came toward to protect the nation of Syria and successfully they resolve this sort of problems. Finally, the nations got peace.

Fifthly, The United Nations Millenniums Development Goals (MDGS): I would like to talk about the eight goals that UN Member States have agreed to try to achieve by the year 2015. The United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed in September 2000, commits world leaders to combat poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, and discrimination against women.  I would like to mention some point of MDGS:

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger: is the one of the millennium development goals: According to The World Bank about poverty line: 1.4 billion people live under poverty line in the globe. This is more than the previous estimate of 984 million with the older measure of a $1 a day in 2004.  In 1981, the estimated number of poor was also revised upward, from 1.5 billion to 1.9 billion. United Nations is helping poor countries by managing jobs, to enhance economic growth and to organize various type programs which people how to develop the condition of their own economic growth. Through the development of skills different

Achieving Universal primary education: It is one of the UN MDGs. The aim of United Nations is to achieve universal primary education   for all people throughout the globe. By learning primary education, people can get to know about their own duty and responsibility. There are many organization who are working to achieve Primary education for all students such as UNICEF is one of the organization who is supporting different countries to eradicate illiteracy. For instances, In Bangladesh, they are teaching children, donating money among poor children in order to gain higher education. They are also providing food in order to enhance the rate of children.

However, I feel like to clarify what point had mentioned by our all groups members such as the maintenance of peace and security, economic assistance, trade, disarmament, human rights, labour rights, social affairs, improved status for women, population, culture, education, environmental problems, science and technology, nuclear energy, the search for a new maritime order, transportation, communications, and other administrative and financial fields. Furthermore, some panellists said against about the United Nations that it has failed to fulfil its goals .The point has mentioned as a failure such as Iraq was absolutely destructed by USA but the United Nations did not intervened and also they said that The United Nations are not out of freedom from the United State of America and the United Nations are working under the governances of USA. Therefore, the United Nations is completely unsuccessful to fulfil its mission.



I would like to point out how I planned for panel discussion. First of all, it was really very good moment with groups members to have preparation for panel discussion. All group members had issued different types of topic and I also proposed as a topic United Nations, then every group members came to agreement and selected my topic. Afterward, we all decided as a topic, is United Nations successful or failed to fulfil its missions. Next, I was starting preparation for panel discussion and it was almost one week before panel discussion. For preparation, I have searched so many articles through online, yahoo, Google, wiki peadia, and also I downloaded so many book related to the United Nations which was the process for taking good preparation before panel discussion. In addition, I also read so many journal, debate forum which was interlinked with my topics.

Point of agreement and disagreement:

In groups, we were five members. One of us was a moderator, and four members were panellists. As a panellist, I was talking about the success of the United Nations and how it is working in the Universe and how the United Nations is achieving its goals. The first panellist was explaining the success of the United Nations. He said as a supporting point the United Nations is helping the developing and under developed countries for economic growth and also is assisting the nations when they are falling difficulties such as cyclone, inflation, recession and economic instability. The second and Fourth Panellists were disagreed that the United Nations are unsuccessful to fulfil its goals. They believe that the United Nations has failed to stop war and conflict. For example of Afghanistan war, Palestine conflicts and so the political instability between different countries such as South Korea and North Korea.


The audiences asked questions us about the United Nations, is the United Nations functioning to protect the rights of human being. Some of us said that the United Nations is absolutely successful and some said that the United Nations are fail to protect the rights the human being.


From my own perspective, the panel discussion was effective and efficiency. For panel discussion, I have taken very good preparation and I read so many article related to the United Nations which made me understood the topic clearly. By reading journal, books and online sources, it has broaden my knowledge and my satisfaction. On the other hand, the weakness was that I could not take very good rehearsal with group members and was feeling afraid of presenting toping in from of audiences. Moreover, I was really worried about panel discussion that I will be successful to present my topic clearly in front of audiences.


The panel discussion has enriched my understanding about the topic of the United Nations. It has also developed my knowledge and skills. Through panel discussion, I have learned how to manage the difficult situation when people ask any question and learn how to response for questions. It has also enriched my confidence how to talk fluently in front of audiences, how to explain any topic in front of audience. Through panel discussion, I have learned how to function with group members in order to complete any kind of teamwork. Besides, it has increased awareness about the important of punctuality because without punctuality, it is hard to achieve any kind of success for people. Furthermore, it was also helpful for the development of the leadership skills and learn how to finalize work within a given period of time. Moreover, the panel discussion was very successful for learning and it has enhanced my confidence that how to obtain the ultimate success of any kind of activities.


Panel discussion is one of the effective and successful process for the improvement of skills. Moreover, panel discussion is very beneficial for students because it aids to get to know more about any topics. So, it has enhanced my knowledge and broaden my thinking style. As a topic of panel discussion of the United Nations, I have realized the importance how the United Nations  is working throughout the globe and how it achieves its goals and  how its  assist to develop the condition of human lifestyle. Therefore, panel discussion can be very active procedure for the improvement of skills and knowledge for all students.


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