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Panel Discussion Report 13: The State of Human Rights in Africa


Our introduction to civil society lecture asked us to form a group of five for the panel discussion we had to do the following weeks. Our group members were Abdul Razak Nassir from Uganda, Mamadou Nalla Ly from Guinea, Sharmarke Abdirahman Mohamed from Somalia, Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed from Kenya and Zainoul Abidine Sanoussy Junior from Guinea.

Overview of the points discussed:

The points discussed were the state of human rights in four African countries which are: Guinea, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya. Since most of these countries got their independence for more than fifty years now we thought it was important to discuss on how human right was respected and the role of the NGOs and some civil society organization.

The process:

We form our group easily because we are all friend and we know what each of us could do but when it came to choose the topic we did not agree first, so we were proposing different topics and asked for the opinion of our lecturer until all of us agreed on the state of human rights in Africa. We had two members from the same countries Mamadou ly and I so we decided that one of us has to be the moderator and i accepted to take that position. We did not give much importance to meetings only the day before the discussion we met for a short time to get some clarifications from the panelist and to arrange the order. Only one member did not show up due to careless and I think that reflected on him during the discussion.


After presenting we were very satisfy to share with our classmate the points discussed, our strength was that most of the panelist knew what they were talking about because at that period maybe we were not born yet but our parents explained to us what really happen after the independence and the way the people was treated. Based on that I as the moderator just prepared one question for each panelist and all the questions that came after that were improvised, this was a strength of our discussion and all the panelist manage to answer the questions very well.

Reflection of the panel discussion:

For the first time being a moderator during a panel discussion I think that I manage well to do it. After the discussion I asked some of my friends how was our performance and most of them were satisfied. The Question and Answer part was also very interesting because the audience had many question to ask the panelist and the lecturer asked to cut off due to the time management. I knew that our topic was interesting and that each of us will be learning something new about the respect of human right in the respective countries so it was not just a discussion but a learning session for all of us.


It is not always that people enjoy a panel discussion but raising many questions from the audience is what makes our panel discussion interesting. At the end we were all satisfy of the work and effort we made to make it successful.


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