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My view about Junk Food

It was another sleepless day for us after doing our community immersion and traveling 2 hours in bus. In bus I and my friends planned to go to city plaza for shopping. We reached our university around 4 oclock and we went to city plaza as we planned. We finished our shopping and we were hungry and one of them told lets go to KFC. We rushed towards the ground floor and entered into the shop. The house was full of music and we feel like dancing and going inside the house. However we need to behave but our head is moving with the music. It’s going around and round.

There were many customers waiting for the order and also workers working busily. We managed to get a table for our self near the window from where we can see the front view of city plaza. We ordered our favorite thing in KFC that is chicken wings. We waited for there around 10 mines as there were lots of people. KFC is one of the famous franchise companies in Malaysia. The government of Malaysia and the owner of the company make it famous. One of the main reasons KFC becoming famous among the people is because of the advertisement in media. Media plays a virtual role in making the food look tasty and delicious.

But sometime the food shown in advertisement does not tease well and it does not look nice like it is shown in the advertisement. We all know that Junk food is not good for health but media makes us to influence and make us love it. So people who are attracted towards junk food and who love to eat then are the victim lots of disease. Junk food lovers they are losing their healthy diet and gaining lots of weight. They don’t like to exercise but they like to sleep and eat only, which will lead them to new diseases and sometime leads to death also. But the company is gaining lots of profit as their business is running successfully by haring so many people. This benefits the government of Malaysia as they will get taxes and also the workers in the company by getting salary. Media is also gaining in the form of advertisement money and the people of the particular area are also getting employment opportunity. Lastly the company is gaining profit, name, fame and reputation in the market.

In my country people prefer to eat rice and floor food compare to Junk food. I also like to eat rice and curry compare to Junk but after coming to Malaysia I also started to like junk food. In my country there is no franchise company like KFC, burger king, Pizza hut and Mc-Donnell. But there are small traders who sell burger, pizza and Junk food. In my country junk food is not famous like in Malaysia. At my home when we are having food everyone in the family should be present and we all sit in round and eat but here we can eat when we are hungry. We don’t have to wait for anyone else.

Back in my country I eat with my hand but if I eat with my hand here everyone around me will stare at me. In my country my mom serve the food but here we can go and serve our self. The consequences of this issue are that we are going to lose our culture and tradition. We are going to lose the love and care from our family. We are going to lose the bond of family. I like to eat Junk food but I prefer my culture and family more than junk food.

In my religion we cannot kill animals but when there are many franchises company like KFC, many animals will be killed to fill full our demand. When the number of the KFC company branch increase the number of chicken killed will also be increased. And also eating meat all the time is not good; we should also try vegetable sometime. Eating in KFC with great music is my want not my need.

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