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My framework is Divine Command Ethics

Week 7 lecture was covered by Mr Jaime. It was about the ethical frameworks. When I learned it, I realized that every person has their own framework to make ethical decision. Somehow they can change their decision by looking the situation through using the frameworks. He explained us clearly. So, I understood well in lecture rather than reading materials regarding this ethical frameworks.

The five ethical frame works are Relativist Ethics, Divined Command Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics, Deontology Ethics and Virtue Ethics. Relativist Ethics says that decision depends on person beliefs in the community. Second, Divined Command Ethics says that it depends on god words, what God says regarding the issues. In here, we need to focus all religious views else we will be bias while making our decision. Third one is Utilitarian Ethics which concentrate on after effects. It’s like if we make some decision, it makes people happier and the result will be good. This kind of framework sometimes may give negative and positive results equally at that time and we cannot apply this frame work. Next one is Deontology Ethics which depends on rules and obligations. This one focuses more on rules and obligations. I personally think that when we depend more on obligations, it may give unhappiness in our life. The last framework is Virtue Ethics which depends on the character of a decision making person.

Finally, after getting knowledge on the different types of framework from the lecture, I was able to identify the ethical framework that I use. My framework is Divined Command Ethics. I also prefer to use Utilitarian Ethics. These five kinds of frameworks help me to think critically in different views. If we use these frameworks, then only we can get a good result, but we also need to be aware from our personal bias which can make our decision get unbalanced and that’s not a proper way. After learning these frameworks I got confidents that in future I can implement these frame works for my decision making.

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