Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins of Malaysia

Week 10 of lecture session was on 20th March 2013. At this time,  we studied about United Nations. At this time,  Prof Omar Farouk delivered a lecture about United Nations. Actually, we already had lecture about United Nations previously. We also even had special guest from The United Nations. She is Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins. Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins of Malaysia is Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Peace building Support.

She was appointed on 17 August 2009. She was previously the Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees in charge of Operations (2006–09), active in over 118 countries. Cheng-Hopkins hails from Penang where she attended St. George’s Girls’ School.

She received an American Field Service scholarship to study in the United States. She has a bachelor degree in English Literature from Beloit College in 1976 and a Master’s degree in Economic Development from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs in 1978, and diplomas from l’Université d’Haute Bretagne in France and Harvard University, USA.

We had a special lecture session with Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins in convocation hall. She explained many things about The United Nations. I felt very happy because she could come to AiU to give a lecture on The United Nations. She had many years of experiences in UNited Nations since she was Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Peace building Support.


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