Modern ethical dilemmas

In the modern world, the enhancements in the field of technology introduced us to new ethical dilemmas. During the 9th week of ethics lectures we have discussed about few of those problems that are being debated on up to this days. The topics of the day were cloning, surrogacy, euthanasia, suicide and abortion. As Dr. Faosiy pointed out cloning and surrogacy is about creating a life and the rest indicates terminating a humans’ life. It was not just a class about the mentioned topics, but the lecturer gave us the idea about the topics from several ethical prospects both to support and oppose the issues.

Although the lecturer was indeed very informational and meaningful, the tutorial class of the week 9 captured my attention more. Since, I am always interested in giving my personal views and listening to others opinions, the discussion we held during the tutorial attracted me more than the lecture. Yet, I acknowledge the usefulness of the lecture. During the tutorial class two of our classmates had to answer number of questions given by us which are related to the topic. Many relevant but colorful questions made the class very interesting and made me comprehend on the topics in depth. The hot issue of the day was abortion since it is the most common in our lives. Once again during the discussions we agreed (almost) that there are conditions in which we can we can have different decisions.

I have a slightly different view on the problems. Let me share a little story with you which happened to me around 5 years ago. I had a neighbor who was 3 years younger than me. I was very close with him and used to spend some time every day. Once, he came running to my door and knocked. I saw him crying and he was in panic. He couldn’t tell me what happened but pulled my hand toward his house. I understood there was something wrong and went to his house. And when I entered the house I saw his 12 year old sister hanged herself. Fortunately, she was still alive. We managed to save her but I was pondering what on this earth might be the reason of 12 year old girl committing suicide. As it turns out she was oppressed and mistreated by her parents. The wisdom I derive from this story is that we should be more concerned about the causes of such incidents like suicide or abortion or any other similar situations.

But there was a guest invited who concluded our ethics class with his comments. It was very insightful to hear his ideas. He approached the topic from a different angle. He emphasized the consequences of discussed topics. Indeed, the topics mentioned above might have hazardous consequences.


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