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Millenium Development Goals

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. – Voltaire –

The concept of this reflective journal has led to my self-examination and reflecting back on the journey of exploring the different methods used in conducting business research. While doing so, I have brought myself into a realm in which the role of values in the research process becomes a topic of self-examination and issues that revolve around such concerns do indeed effect my development in many areas on a personal, academic, and professional level.

Prior to the start of the drama, it never crossed my mind that there are critical steps to follow in order to get it done properly. The drama was one of my first encounters leading to a solid understanding of the purpose of this coursework and its research. Throughout this research coursework, I have been exposed to novel and creative ways that we as IT students can let out internal thoughts regarding a particular issue or topic be put into writing. I would like to refer to this journey as a self examination, as I have come to understand that a research project involves experimentation in sourcing methodologies and thoughtful analysis. It is a new skill earned in being able to convey such information through a written research.

Like many working professionals out there, many face the need to write and present reports frequently. I have put to good use the suggestions and methods taught in this course through the panel discussion and research writing. Previously I have not taken into much consideration the usage of language in panel discussion. Through this course, I have come to realize how important it is when it comes to using appropriate words to put into a research paper so as to put our work above others. Drama has also grabbed my attention as I have rarely used it in real work situations. Even writing story it was great experience for me to get into it. I am so grateful having such lecture from different lecturer and I am glad to thanks all lecturer to brought up such lesson for us to change our thought and mind.


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