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Media Ethics by Moctar Diaby

One of the greatest weapons nowadays is media but is everything we see there is true? Of course we know that all the media is being directed by the owners of the channels and all of them have their own agendas that they follow. So, simply media is the weapon that the biggest countries are using to attack other counties that may not have the same power as these countries do. For the media to be better it needs to be an ethical media which also needs to have some main concepts.

First, reporting the news as it is without changing anything about it. That is one of the problems that we are facing, whenever there is an issue somewhere, everyone wants to know about it. However, only the media is the one who can know then decide whether it goes with their agenda or not. If it goes they will be very happy to bring it in the correct image, whereby if it is not then they will also bring it but in the opposite way. For these to be solved we need sincerity in work.

Second, giving chance for all categories of people to respond to any accusations regarding them. As we all see how some category of people might be attacked toughly without paying any concern about them. And no one of that group will be able to have the chance to answer or respond to the questions that might be running in the audience’s mind about those people. There where the conflict will occur among the community in all societies. Being fair and not biased is very important aspect should be taken into confederation when it comes to media ethics.

In conclusion, we all know that it is not easy to change these traditional media over one night. However, now most of people are no longer interested in that since there is an alternative for them to use. This new media which mainly focuses in the internet has a wider freedom of expression that is why we should all try to make different from the traditional one. And that is what we are trying to establish by starting from our small communities to the entire world.

(Reflective Diary for week 4)

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