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Meaning of Current Affair for Me – by Nur Natasha Binti Abdul Aziz

For me current affairs are explanation and analysis of current events and issues which are dealing with political, cultural, social and economic. All of these issues are affected by science and technology. It also distinguishes from coverage of news, coverage of special events such parliamentary proceedings, and also coverage of consumer affairs among other exceptions.To understand current affair we should understand meaning of current affairs. Actually, I am not really interesting about current affairs. I know current affairs if important to us. Without current affairs we will do not know what are happens from time to time. Besides that, we are talked it is all ‘News’ are current affair? As I had hear in class what Mr John said that not all ‘News’ is current and not some ‘News’ are current affairs and also not all current affairs capture are news. For example, if something happens just now may can call are current affairs but if already twelve years ago it was not current affairs yet. What can understand from Mr John had described a little bit window of current affair such as political something about power, cultural are identity or environment, social like status rank that have divided into classes according to status and economic are related to resources. Environmental issue is the one make me really want to know current affairs more. I can see many people talk about environment which are become worse and more than that. That I can see now global warming, pollution, deforestation, crop lands and natural disasters such as tsunami, hurricane, flood and etc. as a human being, I really sympathy for them because they have to face problems like that. They have to become strong to survive in their life. In Malaysia, at least one or more than one will have flood. If have flood that can affected our daily life such as children cannot go to school and parents cannot go for working. This situation is very sad for them. I cannot imagine if I at their place. I hope who are have trouble outside there can be strong to survive and to face their problem.

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