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McDonalds – Delicious or Dangerous

McDonalds. Quick, easy and delicious. What could be better? A simple stop by the drive through for a healthy, tasty meal. Right? Most countries are filled with fast food restaurants claiming to make our lives simpler. But are McDonalds and other kinds of fast food really alternatives to homemade meals? Is faster and simpler always the better option? Most people, mainly tertiary education students like me, live busy fast paced lives. It often seems that our food should be fast too. But whether we like it or not, we are only human.

Sure, lots of people including myself love the ease and delicious taste of McDonald’s food and there is nothing wrong with eating at McDonalds. Sometimes. The key is to balance.

McDonalds claims that their food is healthy and that they are truly trying to help us out. But do they really care? Or is everything they tell us just a bunch of chicken nuggets? How true is their claim that their food is healthy? Burgers, my personal favorite, are popular worldwide these days. According to the researches, the buns alone contain high fructose, corn syrup and sugar as main ingredients. The cheese used on burgers and other McDonald’s dishes contains artificial coloring. This is nothing less than selfishness by McDonalds, making people believe that they are eating healthy. In my opinion, it is all because of money. After all, McDonalds is a business right? They don’t really care as long as they are counting lots of cash at the end of the day.

Even if you look at their tag line, “I’m Loving It.” It even makes me hungry for a burger just saying it. Such a brilliant catch phrase to make people believe that McDonalds is an amazing, lovable outlet. A silly slogan will not attract customers. McDonalds has succeeded in attracting customers and I give credit to the marketing stunt.

It is crystal clear that it is all about money. I realize that not all people love the taste of McDonalds but the ease of the fast food. There is nothing wrong with eating McDonalds occasionally. I have already mentioned it, it is all about balance. Besides, homemade food is healthier and cheaper. So in my view, YES, McDonalds is delicious but it is very dangerous.

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