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Matter of virtue and transperancy

Finally! the journey with thousands of kilometers that began with a step on the 1/14/2013 2:03 pm has come to an end (05:02 pm). The final lecture was given by no body else but Mr John Britto. As the capture of this reflection goes the final lecture was really a summative of everything we had being doing for the past three months.

He termed it ‘celebration day’ in deed it was really fun one of the best lessons ever for the entire course. Why fun ? the class room setting, the teaching style where by everyone was made active, active judgmental analysis of the ethical issues, gestures, etc.

Ethics Ethics Ethics ! all along is as though the whole course was talking about what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’. But then deciding on this is not a day job especially when the issue of cultures come into the scene. However, we were made to understand in summary that our ethical decisions should be religiously orientation and societal wise as well with these, we are going to make the best ethical decisions. Also, he said ethics was not only about what is ‘good ‘ or ‘bad’ but it is a matter of virtue. If we are virtuous, the we will be very much reasonable in solving ethical dilemmas. Nevertheless, being transparent too will make us virtuous and role models in communities and we can act as agents of transformation.

Now, the experience and the diverse aspects of the course. This course was thought by more than ten lecturers all from different parts of the globe with different cultural esteems. Also, we had very experienced lecturers with the coordinator in the person of Prof Evangelos having close to fifty years of university experience in many parts of the world. Dr Hamid, Dr Admed F, just to name a few. It was such an enjoyable course and it was as though we had ambassadors of many cultures represented both by students and lecturers. Is had to say good bye but then there comes a time in life when we have to accept the things we can change. So good bye ethics and our lecturers we love you all hope we are going to meet in our subsequent courses. Thank you very much for your benevolent work God bless you.

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