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Mass scale corruption in the African continent

Corruption, as its name indicates is an indirect stealing of public and private assets by an individual who is in higher or lower authority. The person, who is doing this evil action, does not actually fear from any legal action filed against him/her.  The doer of this cursed activity is really suffering from spiritual and moral deviation. Corruption remains a real problem in the developing world. It is always difficult to take action against the perpetrators because the world’s banking systems actually do not want to co-operate. If they cooperate honestly with the developing countries then a lasting solution can be found to this problem.

If corruption is very rare in a country then a legal action can be easily filed against the corrupt official. On the contrary, in many countries around the world, the corruption is deep rooted with in the society and it is extremely prevalent from top to bottom in public sector employees. Every government reflects its society. Many regimes have been overthrown, changed through peaceful elections, or removed from power through guerrilla warfare but we see no improvement in the situation. This means that the society itself is rotten and spiritually and morally corrupt. If you are determined to establish a small scale or mass scale manufacturing sector in a country; you have to register it from the government. The obstacle is every official demands large sum of money. To make the situation worse, if you want help from the government or the police; they will not help you unless you bribe them. What about if you don’t have enough money for every official??? Then you will suffer.

Africa and the Middle Eastern regions where my country is geopolitically related to are the most corrupt regions in the world, according to transparency international. This is why they are economically behind. Although, the populations living in East Africa, North Africa, West Africa and many central African countries as well as the Middle Eastern region and south Asian countries are Muslims but why are their leaders and the people are still doing corruption. Religious leaders criticize against it but you can see some religious leaders who are also entangled in corruption activities like abusing the funds of a religious foundation which its main aim is to help the poor and those who are in need. Furthermore, the kings and their extended clandestine families in the Gulf States think that all the wealth belongs to them, while the population living in the country are like mere subjects with no rights at all. The king or anybody related to him cannot be charged with corruption while many people are beheaded almost every day for criticizing against the government policies.

Besides the fact, that corruption is a heinous crime, in the Muslim world, there is a real historical paradigm shift where the people are turning away from the basic teachings of their religion. If you compare what Muslims used to be 100 years ago and beyond; and what they are now it is obvious that there is a complete deviation towards immorality. Now, corruption is rampant in the African continent because the people who are living there, as well as their leaders are either spiritually dead or suffering from moral decay. I believe that Muslim corrupt officials and individuals should their hands be chopped off as mentioned by the almighty creator in the Quran. Those who are robbing the weak people, the civilians and confiscating their property through excessive use of force should their legs and hands cut-off alternately as again emphasized by the holy Qur’an. Muslims strictly believe that absolute justice among them can be upheld in that way and that is how it used to be for more than 1300 years.

In conclusion, many Muslims totally forgot about God’s punishment in the day of judgement. I am personally suggesting when it comes to spirituality and morality, Muslim people should refer back to the glorious past of their devout ancestors and come up with full piety and repentance towards ALLAH by implementing the divine commandments and the Islamic sharia to themselves and honestly develop their own countries. I detest the western hegemony on the African continent and the Muslim countries in the strongest terms. Truly speaking, neo-colonialism still exist as big and powerful transnational companies , western governments and big banks manipulate the economies of those countries to the extent that each and every African leader and official is bribed by them. Mass scale corruption in the African continent is incited by the Swiss banks to the extent that every African official and leader is depositing money in those banks without fearing the repercussions. In addition to that, if the leader dies or overthrown, the money never comes back to the country where it was stolen from, after “Operation Covering up the Monkey Business Terminates.”

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