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LGBT Rights

In week 10, we continued discussing about the part two of contemporary ethical issues which are death penalty, insider trading, internet privacy, animal rights and same sex marriage. For the first session, we have discussed on the issues regarding death penalty, insider trading and internet privacy.

To start with, same sex marriage also can be known as the gay or lesbian marriage or equal marriage between two people who have the same sex or gender identity which is said as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) rights. In fact, same sex marriage is illegal in some countries because this kind of marriage is totally against the God’s law. However, there are some countries that allow people to get married with their same gender identity or same sex. For instance, in Argentina, Canada, Iceland and some other countries that accepts this kind of marriage. For me, I personally against this kind of marriage which is same sex marriage because as we know, the purpose of getting married is to fulfill half of the religion according to Islam religion and to produce generation. So, I think same sex marriage should not be allowed as there is no benefit at all. It is totally harmful for them and it has so many impacts to the society and even to themselves as it may leads to many diseases.

For the second issue that we have discussed, it is about animal right. Nowadays, animal has been denied their animal right which they are tortured and being treated in a bad way or cruel actions. In my opinion, it is unethical to treat animal in a bad way or cruel actions as they also have feeling. Even people nowadays are fighting to take back their human right. We do not like to be tortured or being treated in a bad way which probably leads to injury and murder. So, why we are denying the animal right as they also have feeling like us? No animal should be submitted to bad treatment or cruel actions and every animal has their right to be considered due to the Universal Declaration of Animal Right.

The third issue is about the internet privacy which everyone knows very well. That is the desire and mandate of personal privacy with respect to transaction or transmission of data via the internet. In my opinion, people should respect others privacy as they want others to respect their own privacy.

The forth issue is about death penalty which it is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. In fact, the judicial decree that someone be punished in this manner is a death sentence, while the actual process of killing the person is an execution. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. Indeed, death penalty is banned in some countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia and so forth. Actually this punishment has to be done in order to stop other people from committing serious crimes. In my opinion, when the people do the crimes such as killing others, they should get the same punishment as what they did to others. I would like to relate this issue with my religion which is Islam. According to my religion, when he or she does something bad to others, he or she will get the same as what they did to other people. So that it will be fair to them. In Islam, that is what we called ‘Law of Hudud’. If there is no punishment for every crime, it will encourage the other people to repeat the same mistake as there is no punishment for that. That is why it has to be done in order to stop people from committing serious crimes.

The last issue that we have discussed was regarding the insider trading. In fact, it occurs when someone makes an investment decision based on information that is not available to the general public. Besides, it is the trading of a corporation’s stock or other securities such as bonds or stock options. In my opinion, insider trading is unethical because it is harmful and has many impacts to society and people who become a victim. It also can be called as dishonest practice which is unfair to the other people because it is like lying to others or making others suffering just for their own benefits.

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