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Leave this issue to God

Finally, we have come to the end of introduction to ethics class. The events of the last class were overview of what we have studied throughout the course, game organized by Mr. John and we concluded the class by listening to each ethics lecturers last talks for this lecture which were inspirational, touching and motivational.

During the game organized by Mr. John, we watched several meaningful sort videos and had discussions with our friends regarding the video. The video that captured my attention was a speech from a sheikh Khalid Yasin who spoke about women rights in Islam. We called everybody to be objective and honest in looking at the problems. Indeed, one of the ethical values we have to acquire is honesty. The world is filled with false accusations due to the biased propaganda of the media where always the negativity is on the surface. And by being objective we can do comparative analysis and find out the truth.

Another video that I cannot forget was about the value of human life. There was a situation where a person had to choose who must continue living and who should die. The ethical dilemma was to decide whose life is more important than the other. I think the solution to such dilemma is to leave this issue to God. Because, no matter how we decide whose life is more important the other, our justification is not sufficient to give peace to our conscience.

Overall, I would like to thank all of the ethics lecturers for their efforts, motivations and the knowledge they shared with me. Personally, I have gained a lot from the subject and it is my hope not to let my lecturers down. I know that we have just begun our path in learning and implementing ethics in our daily lives. I believe, the ethics class made the students of AIU become closer since, we usually don’t discuss such intimate issues we discussed during the ethics class. And it is my sincere hope that the knowledge we leant during this trimester will help us to eliminate some of the social problems we are currently having in the university.


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