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Last Seminar of Current Affairs class

Seminar of Current Affair had open my eyes where is news around the world are very important for us.  Before this, I never feel want to know, for me study is most important in my life. Only news that I can see or know through newspaper I had known, more than that I never feel want to know it. But right now, have Seminar of Current Affair class for this semester have changed me. I realized why news is important for us and why we should have to know about current affairs, not only in our country but also from outside.

Furthermore, current affairs have class also make me gain more knowledge. My friends at here have share about their country’s situation that I was never know it. If they ask me to share with them may be I do not know how to explain at them, particularly about politics. For me, politics is very complicated issues. Recently, election in Malaysia which is many issues that I do not know is right or wrong. Every party compete each other because want to show they is the best suitable to be leader. That is why I do not want to know about that. But I have to know about that. Everyone have to know because when we were 21 years. We have to vote any party. To vote that, we have to know where is can guide and protect our country. Leader play main role in to keep peace.

Now, I would like to say thank very much to all lecturer’s Current Affairs and especially to Mr John Britto. He was patient to teach me in knowing more about current affairs.


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