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In week 8 we had few quiz and lecture was about removing ethical dilemmas. Firstly I thought that all the quizzes were just to waste our time, however later I knew the importance of it. We took more than 1 and half hour to complete a survey and quiz. I can understand what Mr. Jaime wants to achieve from all the quizzes maybe the way it was conducted was not well organized. That is why it consumed a lot of time. Moreover I learned nothing new. The lecture was just a recap of what we have learned so far.

The reflective question for this week’s lecture is – “I would never touch a weapon to kill another human being. But if you could save 100 innocent children’s lives by picking up a gun to kill one deranged and evil person, would you shoot to kill?”

Firstly I wouldn’t be able to kill anyone or even kill a person who has done harm to me. However the question above states that to will I pick a gun to kill a deranged or a evil man to save 100 innocent children Would I kill? I think I would. I believe that children are to be loved and cared and I cannot stand any children being abused and tortured by any being. Therefore, if I have the power I would definitely choose to kill that evil being.

My only fear is that I may become the same as evil person since I am also committing a crime. But I think I would sacrifice myself for the sake of those children I would be able to save.

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