Junk food and me by Afras

Week five was all about globalization and its effect. It was very interesting. I had an experience with it.  When I arrived Malaysia, I saw a franchised shop which is called ‘’KFC’’ and I went there for a meal. It is the one of fast food shop. When I was there I could see the different types of people who were having their meals. E: g Chinese, Malay, Indian. After had a meal I realized that the one of junk food shop.

In this case, we can say that we are automatically involved into the victim people group because it is more harmful for health. On the first hand, we can say that the government, customers, staff, owners, and media are gainers for this action because those people might be motivator for this action. On the other hand, we can say that the low tax rate and low tariff system are main positive factors for this action. Perhaps the globalization is the main rationale for spreading those shops all over the world.

Nowadays, people are abusing the traditional food and beverage system because of the globalization and its growth. If it is continuous, people will have to suffer from various diseases, E: g cancer exploitation of natural resources, economic instability and social and cultural conflicts.  People can argue positively and negatively about this but extremely I do agree with this.

However, we should come out with some resolutions. Such as imposing of tax and regulations against external shock, identifying target groups which need help, preparing in advance to release the negative effects of free trade and investment agreements, conduct a seminar among people.


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