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Junk Food and Me

I went to MC Donald’s at City Plaza with my friends last year. MC Donald is a kind of junk food, which contain high sugar, fat, salt and calories; and low in nutritional value. However, the junk food has marvellous taste until many people go and eat at the junk food center. We went there by taxi. When we were entering the MC Donald Centre, we saw many people were there. Moreover, the place for sits also full with people and the line to order the food also long. My friend and I decided to divide the job, since we went there, four people including me, we decided my friend, Harisah and me to find places to sit and another friend go and buy food. Luckily, there have places for my friend and me to sit. Furthermore, we eat burgers, French fries and of course drink. We were really enjoying our food.

There have many parties, which involve with Mc Donald and the environment around the MC Donald at City Plaza, for example Malaysian government, race, franchise, advertisement and media. How all of these can be involved? All of these parties can be involved with Mc Donald because for example Malaysian government impose taxes. Those who are eating there or take it away have to pay tax. They charge the tax when we order the food. Besides, I said race also involved with this junk food center because when I was eating at there, they have various cultures or race; for instance, Malay, Chinese and Indian also eat at there. All of us eat together in one place, which is in MC Donald Centre. Moreover, advertisement and media are more helpful for this kind of junk food. It is because, they advertise their product through poster, offer, newspaper, media advertise through Television and radio to attract the customers to come and eat at the junk food center. And because of that, all these parties involved with MC Donald or other junk food center.

However, those who are eating junk food like MC Donald such as me; my friend and customer at there actually are victims. Why? It is because; as all know, junk food is not good for health. Those who are like or tend to eat junk food every day or most of the time they eat junk food, they might get an effect on their health. For example, those who are always eating junk food does not matter what kind of junk food they eat, they might get diseases such as obesity, diabetes and many more. In addition, as all knows that junk food does not contain any nutrient, however, it contains such large amount of fat and it will lead those who are eating become obese. Even though, you also may get another disease such as heart disease and arthritis. Furthermore, thus junk food will affect the IQ to those who are eating a lot of junk food since childhood. They will grow up with a lower IQ. Besides that, we also become victim because we have to pay the taxes every time we want to eat at there. The tax charge when we order the food, they will put in the bill, does not matter either you want to eat at the center of junk food or you want to take away which mean you want to bring back home or anywhere they still will charge you tax.

Furthermore, the gainer of this are the franchise, workers, media, government and the owner itself. How and why I said they are the gainers? For example, the franchise, they gain the profit from the selling their product because many customers are interested to eat their product; and they also always change the menu or adding a more kind of junk food, for instance, in Mc Donalds they produce shake frence fries and it catch interested of customers to go there and try their new product. Besides, the worker become gainer because they work in there and get salary and may be they also get bonus while the media gain money from the advertising that they made. For example, the junk food owners go to the media and ask for advertising their product, therefore, the side of junk food need to pay for that and the media got money. As all know, the government becomes gainer because of taxes and the owner gain more profit.

The historical reason for this MC Donald or junk food established around the world is because, it is easier for those who are working or have their own career to go there and eat. Moreover, those who are going and eat at there have many advantages such as they do not need to spend their time for waiting the foods. For example, if they go to the restaurant they need to order and then wait the food whereas if they eat at the junk food center they order and just wait less than five minutes to get the food. This advantage might be the reason why junk food center established around the world.

Though, this junk food delicious to eat nowadays, we cannot forget our traditional food. If not our traditional food will be disappear and what will be happen if our traditional food disappear? Children nowadays, are the one who will forget or maybe do not know the traditional food of their culture because they will not be able to eat the traditional food. It is because they tend to eat fast food and no appetite to eat the traditional food because the traditional foods not meet the tastes of their appetite. Moreover, traditional food might will not be known by the children nowadays, and even worse if they do not know at all what their traditional food is. Besides that, the traditional food disappears because of globalization. This is because, by spreading too much junk food centers in the whole country such as MC Donald, KFC and many more until people cannot find the traditional food and choose to eat at the junk food center.

There has possible resolution to solve this kind of issue. For example, the government need to restrict the trade which involving the junk food center from another country to be established in our country. This is because to ensure that the traditional food will be known by children also to avoid people taking the food with does not have nutrient and might be affect their health.

In the conclusion, try to avoid from eating the junk food because to shrug off becomes a victim for taxes and dangerous diseases. Moreover, eat traditional food rather than eat junk food because traditional food is kind of healthy food.

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