Junk Food

In the lecture of seminar on current affair in week 5, we talked about globalization. There are too many sorts of issues of it. It also affect our life even sometimes, it can change who we are and our culture. However, it depends on ourselves, if we can control ourselves to not always follow rules which are in the era globalization, for example: fashion and modernization. Both of them can affect our traditional. Nowadays, the famous kind of food (junk food or fast food) that we talked about in the tutorial 5, it can also destroy our traditional food. People from outside and our generation in the future will not able to recognize even know what sort of characteristics that our country has.

About four months ago, when I was on holiday in Indonesia, I went to KFC which is near my house. It was in a mall in Surabaya. I went there with my sisters and my friend. The environment there was a bit crowded because there was an event in the mall. Inside the KFC, the place was clean and the desk and the chair were neat even though there were many people ate there. There were many Javanese and some Chinese people. The parties involved were the government of Surabaya and the stockholders or the owner of the KFC and the mall. I think, junk food might be spread by a country that can influence other countries. People can be interested to consume it, maybe it is because the taste, the place, the advertisement, and it is also easier to produce. Thus, it can interest people to prefer eating it.

The gainers were the staff, the owner or stockholders, and the media that promote it. The staff could get wages from what their work, the owner or stockholders of course could get much profit if they had got many customers. Advertisement from the media could persuade people to keep on consuming it there. If the advertisement succeed to promote it and gained many customers, they would get many benefits from that.

There were many victims, including me, my friend, my sisters, and the customers. As we know that junk food or fast food gives many disadvantages. It contains so much sugar, fat, calories, preservatives, chemicals, stabilizers, additives, flavoring, and etc. which can destroy our body slowly. Stroke risk, weight gain, tooth decay, gastrointestinal problems, hearth disease, diabetes, and many other sicknesses can be the effect of eating junk food or fast food frequently. Therefore, we have to be aware of the risks in consuming that kind of food and try to avoid it. For me, I eat it rarely even I do not really like eating there and I think, my traditional food is more delicious than it.

In my opinion, there should be more restaurants which sell our traditional food. And make sure that quality of the restaurants should be nice including the place, the decoration should show our traditional (painting that depict our own traditional) the workers should be polite, have ability to do their duty, and the food should be delicious as well. The price should not be so expensive, so people from high and low level can come and eat it there. The advertisement is important to promote our traditional restaurant, thus many people will be interested to eat it and leave the junk food or fast food. We can eat junk food or fast food as long as we do not eat it too often and too much. Besides that, we should respect and love our traditions, thus it will not disappear.


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