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Islamic Ethics

Almost there is no a culture or believe without its own ethics. They all differ from each other; some might look at one issue as normal where others find it as a big dilemma that has ethical problems. Generally, some of the ethical issue is shared in the world wide view, and on the other hand some still think theirs sounds to be better than others’.

Islamic ethics is not narrowed to a specific type of people it’s for all Muslims and everybody likes it. One of the biggest ethical issues about Islamic ethics is about women. Some will say that women are mistreated in Islam but that is not true because Islam is a religion that gives everybody his/her right. One of the issues that is always being talked about is the ‘Hijab’, it is said that it is making the women uncomfortable. In fact, if we come to the wisdom behind it we will see that it is the most suitable things that women should be wearing and that. And one of the reasons is that if woman wear something that is not covering her body that may cause distraction for other men since it is the nature of human to have a desire of women.

Apart from that, Islam thought us many ethical principles that can’t be talked about in once. For example, punctuality is a main thing the religion but it is said that why Muslims aren’t punctual? Answering this question I can say that it has nothing to do with Islam, it is how people are because nowadays most of people aren’t punctual. So, when a person goes on time and find the other aren’t around, there where it comes to the mind next time I shouldn’t come on time. And I am not encouraging to be not punctual but that how it is going. So, I think we should not transfer to the brains of people that if there is any ethical dilemma, the cause of it goes to the religious background as I have seen in the class.

Finally, being ethical does not mean we should be as the Western, Europeans or Greek every culture, country or religion has its own ethical principles and different perspective of looking at one issue.

Reflective Dairy Week-6

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