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Islamic Ethics

The topic of this week lecture was “Islamic Ethics” which presented by Mr. Hamid and Ms. Siti Noor. I think Islamic ethics strongly stress on divine command, self-discipline and practicality of generosity though god is the main supreme to worship for and Quran is the main ritual texts for daily practices. It was very interesting topic and i wanted to learn more about Islamic religion and its ethical principles as I am a Buddhist student who currently lives in Islamic environment. 

From what I have observed and learned from day to day communication with Muslim friends, I can say that the practices that Muslim people do such as daily praying, reciting Quran, fasting as well as wearing scarf are not easy tasks to do because they demand tolerance and commitment to fulfill those activities successfully. I definitely could not do that as a matter of fact that I have not experience with fasting, reciting rituals and also covering my head with scarf. Absolutely, these are the values of the religion that I personally found from Islamic ethical practices.

Besides, Islamic ethics have the divine command which is one of the ethical principles that people could refer in making ethical decisions to the everyday situation. Moreover, self-discipline in Islamic ethics is about time management for praying times, peace control and self-regulations by not involving with prohibited activities such as drinking alcohol, gamble, and backbiting and so on. In addition to practicality of generosity, I perceive that Islamic ethics focus and value on doing zakat, charity, and contribution to the poor which visualized what is caring and helping one another as an aim to bring unity and peace for the community.

I do not know much about Islamic religion and this week I learnt about Islamic ethics; however, I notice that ethical principles of Islam are very practical and essential in the way of seeking for compassion and kindness for building up a peaceful society. In my perspective as a conclusion, precise ethical principles from any religions are useful and helpful for humankind to rely on for decision making as to assure that they will walk on the correct path that they finally choose. Without comparison of one religion to another religion, the peaceful states and harmony will occur in everywhere.

Group: Tutorial Thursday, 9:30 a.m.                                          Date: 24th February, 2013

Name: Srey Sokkanitha Mok                                                     ID: 209110210

Lecture, Tuesday 19th February, 2013

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