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Islamic ethics

Week 6 topic was really controversial in this current days. I guess you would wonder too, why would an international university study Islamic ethics? Well, take some time to read the following paragraphs then you would know.

First, Islam is one of the most practiced religion around the world. Islam comes from the word salaam which means peace. People of different races, nationalities and backgrounds form what we call today the Muslim brotherhood. Islam is based on many rules and principles which were brought down in the holy Quran by the almighty. Muslims follow those set of rules to live in their society and pray toward Allah.

Second, I believe the reason why we had to learn about Islamic ethics is that the Quran contains plenty of verses that teach human being the righteousness to live in the society. Alcohol, for instance, is one the most affecting drugs which causes the death of millions of people every year. Islamic rules forbid the use of alcohol for individual. And not only alcohol, Allah in the Quran, forbids the use of any drug that may harm our body gradually. All these are because Islam takes into account the life of the people and the good of our society.

Now, some people may say why bombings act of terrorism as such happen because, if Islam is really about peace? Indeed a very good question. Islam has always taught peace and brotherhood. So, the two main issues here are: the media and the assimilation of the people and the religion.

The media propagate the images of conflict of the Muslim world. Every community has its own problem, whether it is internal or external. The problem here is, we shouldn’t showcase a problem of a portion of community to the world as the image of the whole community. I mean Muslims smile, eat, sleep, play around, joke, watch TV, they visit their neighbors. However, what news show is Muslims killing each other, bombing places and so on. Surely many non-Muslims wouldn’t know much, if I was to ask them to tell me something about Islam. Not what they have heard or seen in the news, but what they have really experienced

To conclude, I would say let’s not refer to the media to judge a religion. Let’s take the time to inform ourselves by asking questions to the people involved in the religion as such: men, women and even children. Let’s not assimilate a religion and a believer. A Muslim is not perfect, he just like everyone else, but Islam is.

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