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Islamic ethics

Islam is the proper name of a religion. It is considered as the whole life solution of human in where we can find out all possible solutions of ethical problems. The rise of it began with the Prophet Muhammad, who was born in about 570 in the city of Mecca, in central western Arabia. It is one of the most remarkable religions in the world People who believe Islam are called Muslim and the Muslim believe that there is only one god He is only the owner of everything and Mohammed is his last prophet. . Like any other religion, Islam has a definite Code of ethics. The Muslim believes that we have to count to the god for our activities we will be awarded or will be punished according to our works.

The holy book of Muslim is the Quran. From about the age of forty until shortly before his death in 632 Muhammad received frequent revel. These were written down into 114 chapters or suras and collected together a generation after the death of Muhammad. The revelations are collectively known as the Qur’an, the sacred book of Islam actions from Allah sent through the angel Gabriel. Another name of Islam is peace.  It can give a suitable solution in every spare of life. For example Islam recognises family as a basic social unit.

Along with the husband-wife relationship the Parent-child relationship is the most important one. To maintain any social relationship both parties must have some clear-cut Rights as well as obligations. The relationships are reciprocal. Duties of one side are the Rights of the other side. So in Parent-child relationship the Rights of parents are the obligations of the children and evil versa, the Rights of children are obligations of parents. Islam clearly defines the rights of parents which mean duties of children and obligations of parents that indicate rights of children.  Again, Slaves are able to own their own property and purchase or acquire their freedom in various ways.  Islam by recognizing and organizing the bondage seems to have done more to protect and expand slavery than the opposite.

One of the five pillars of Islam, zakat, is meant to encourage Muslims to donate money to free slaves and bonded labourers in countries where slaves and bonded labourers may have existed. In the hope that over time there will be no slaves left in that country. The amount of zakat to be paid on capital asset is 2.5% per year for people who are not poor. Quran, Surat At-Tawbah 9:60 specifies that Zakat is to be used for freeing slaves and bonded labourers. The prophet Muhammad himself said one of the best deeds is to free a slave. In total his household and friends freed 39,237 slaves.

Islam is the name of peace. So the Muslim should try to maintain peace for all life. It is expected to Muslim to be responsible for the well-being of all life. Therefore the Muslim should practice it in every single moment of life. Family is the central place where we can practice Islam easily. Bringing up children with the belief of Islam is very important. So every family should take care of their children with the Islamic knowledge.

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