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Islam Ethics

What is Jahilliya?

Islam begin with the pre-Islamic culture which is known as ‘Jahilliya’ or ignorance of Islam. There are a lot of conflicts and unethical issues during this period especially between two ethnics which is Badawi and Hadari. During Jahilliya period, they did so many things which against Islam, such as gambling, alcoholic, riba’, unethical behaviour and kill their daughters as well. They did not have any particular practices, they generally beliefs in sun, trees, fire, animals and statues.

When Islam come, they slowly change from some very common practices like riba’ and gambling to more moral virtues and finally Islam introduce with the monotheistic faith and five main pillars of Islam, which are ‘Syahadah’, daily prayer, fasting, Zakat and perform Haj. This five pillars brings a lot of changes from ‘Jahilliya’ to Islam.

In Islam, all of the Muslims has been thought in doing a good deeds and being in a good manner since they were born. Akhlaq or

known as Islam ethics is most important part which has been thought in our daily life. Akhlaq is all about morality and ethics. I believe in every religion the morality and good ethics are encourage to all of the practitioners. In Islam, akhlaq can be classify into two meanings which is ethics and science that deals with the standard of right and wrong of human and what human ought to do. Another meaning is good character and good human behaviour.

Ethics in Islam, has encourage their practitioners to be responsibilities, justice,kindness, self-discipline, generosity, culture of forgiving, safeguard ethics in (mixing between man and women), charity, pray on time. During the lecture , there is a question abut Why god only love the people who has the good ethical behaviour? . In my opinion, in every religion all of us are encourage and has been advice to behave well in a proper manner because none of the religion impulse us to do bad thing during our entire life. However, in every religion there is a law whereas the people who did something which against their religion law will be punish either during their life time or judgement day. Nevertheless, the individual who did bad things will be forgive by God of they realize their fault and really ask for forgiveness from God. In Islam, known as ‘insaf’ or ‘taubah’ which u really regret with all of your unethical behaviour and ask for forgiveness from Allah. In addition, every religion also urge their practitioners to return to the right path from bad to good. This obviously shows that, God has the character of forgiving someone who really mean to change their attitude and ethical manner.

As a conclusion, God able to accept all of His loyal practitioners as whoever they are especially for those who always behaving well and has high morality or ethics as well as for them who regret and willing to change their Akhlaq.

19th February 2013- Tuesday

Last week, we had a lecture on Islam Ethics which has been presented by Ms. Siti and Mr. Hamid. During the lecture, there were some historical overview, changes and the background (Aqidah, Shari’ah and Akhlaq).

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