Islam ethics

For the 6th week, I learned about how ethics is in Islam and it was very amazing class for me. I did not give much attention on Islam history before and that class gave me a push to desire to know more about Islam. The lecturer presented the history of Islam well and I got many valuable and fundamental information about it. It was the most interesting part in week 6 lecture.

Peace, which is the unlimited valuable thing, makes the world beautiful and people in the world happy and safe. Peace is the basic foundation of the things in Islam. Also, lecturers some students also made short presentation and shared their own opinions about that topic and the questions of other students. I saw the students’ self-confidences and what I saw have given me much self-confidence for the next time to share my ideas and opinions openly.

The 6th week was the best part of all the ethics lectures because as I am a Muslim, I got more knowledge about Islam and the ideas of how the Islam rules processes.


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