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Islam and Iran by Hamdun Mohammed

During the lecture Dr.Hamid talked about ethics in Iran. He explained the history of Zoroastrianism which was a religion that of Zarathustra, Prophet of Asia-Persia. He was born in 1760.This religion believed in a book called Avesta. They had two Gods. One was called Anura Mazda which means The Good and the other was called Ahriman which means Evil.

It took thirty years for Zoroaster to spread religion and on twelfth year he succeeds in converting Prince of Persia Kaorassan, Northeast. Zoroaster died in 1683 BCE. The ethical principles of Zarathustra were; good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Dr.Hamid said that when Islam came to Iran, it took six centuries for the Iranians to become Muslims. They accepted Islam because it had some similarities with their culture which is Zarathustra. That is why Islam is different from other Islam in different part of the World. He said that Islam takes cope with someone’s culture. Meaning that different people practices Islam differently because of different cultures.

I believe that what people are practicing now does not resemble the real Islam. It’s like an AIU student who does not have the core values. People will question if he or she is really from AIU. Islam means submission to the will of God. We surrender to Him through his Book by following whatever is written and to His Prophets. Once you accept Islam, you forget about you culture unless you culture is not completely against the religion.

If you mix two things then it becomes a new thing. That’s why Iran has an extremely different religion that does not resemble Islam. Islam itself is a culture. I do not know why you practice Islam at the same time you practice you culture.

Anyone who wants to know about someone’s religion, they should not look at them at judge the religion. It’s better to read the books and judge by what you have read and understood.

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