Is suicide a moral issue?

Week 9 was all about contemporary ethical issues. For example: suicide. Suicide is defined as a death resulting from the use of force against oneself when a majority of the evidence indicates that the use of force was intentional. First of all we should know why people die by suicide? There are two conditions must be present to overcome the character for self-protection in suicide victims. The first is a desire to die that is brought about by a lost sense of social belonging and the perception that one is a problem. The second is the capacity for dangerous self-harm developed by experience with abuse, pain, past sociality, and other factors. Both must be present for an individual to complete suicide.

On the first hand we can say that, morality of suicide focuses on the morality of a suicidal act done by a rational, experienced decision maker. Such a person can effectively measure about and understand different courses of action and the ends they achieve, as well as different means to achieve those ends.

On the second hand we can say that, the subjective and objective aspects of the morality of suicide should be famous. The former refers to the blame incurred by the person who commits suicide; the end refers to the morality of suicide considered objectively as an act in itself.

However, this difference is a questionable one, since in such cases it could be claimed that the person was not acting rationally and since it is not clear how an act can be at once morally wrong but not blameable. Perhaps the act is not blameable in the weak sense that one can easily understand and empathize with it. But the act would still be morally blameable if it is a morally wrong act, and it is the moral sense of blameable that is of main interest in ethics.


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