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Is killing ethical?

This week we learnt about the ethical dilemma, in this class I understand that there is seven elements on ethical dilemma that is theories, conflicts, needs, milieu, actors/maturity, transfer and guide. Actually I don’t really understand about some of the elements. In the end of the class, we were asked to reflect on one situation that is. “I will never touch a weapon to kill human being, but suddenly my friend said that if I could save 100 innocent children lives by shoot deranged person, will I do it?”  It was a tough question because before we already promise to our self that we will not kill someone but suddenly this situation change where I can save 100 innocent children by kill one person. In this situation, I think it is ethical for me kill that man because if I did not kill him he will kill others. It is okay to break promise to our self because it will not give any bad effect to others and moreover, I can save life with my ac.

Actually, what I want to say is all of our action it depend on the situation. Sometimes, we have to do something that we really don’t want to do if with doing that thing it can give benefits to us and will not harm others.

As usual, every time I come back from ethic class I always learned something news and its really beneficial to me. That’s why I think ethic is one of the most important subject that student should learn and understand because this subject will help us a lot in the future when we are in our own journey of life.Week 8: Reflective Diary

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