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Is it possible?!

This was also a continuation of the previous three weeks’ lecture which was about United Nations. However, there was a slight different in this week’s lecture. We watched a documentary about World War I, and, in fact it was useful and from it I learnt many facts and statics. Later, the talk drove us back to United Nations; in fact, we repeated what we had discussed previously but from another angle.

To be straight to the point, as it’s not my habit, at the end of the lecture we were given eight questions and we had the choice to respond any of them. Frankly speaking, I can say that the questions were as a summary to all lectures that were about United Nations. The first question was, is war avoidable and is permanent peace achievable? My answer at that time was if it’s from theoretical aspect of course we can, but if it’s from a realistic aspect, and that what should be, of course it’s not.

The question reminded me a famous quotation said by Mahatma Gandhi which is “the earth provided us with all men need not with all men greed”. Since we have greedy presidents and world, we can’t achieve a permanent peace. This question also reminded me a joke that I heard when I was having a discussion with my country mates about the world and the countries with their presidents, and how it’s going to be in the future.

Exactly, we were talking about Malaysia, one of my country mates said that, Asaad Malaysia succeeded because the smart people lead them, but we are-most of Arabic countries are behind because crazy people are leading us. Another one said sarcastically, if a crazy people in our countries are presidents, the how about the smarts! Sorry to say that permanent peace is not achievable, because leaders are searching for their own interests. And finally, to create a world without wars, we must be aware we must be aware.

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