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Is it ethical to have same sex marriage?

Gays and lesbians have been fighting for their rights in different parts of the world. They want to be recognized. During Dr.Faosiy’s lecture, we discussed whether is it ethical to have same sex marriage.

According to my religion, it prohibited this act and condemns whoever does it. This is to make the society to have good status. Since Islam encourages producing children then Gays’ and Lesbianism will not enlarge the society. Society will consist of Gays which they will not be depended on building the society. Imagine an Army having Gays; will they be able to fight the enemies?

God created male then female. This shows that a man really needs a woman. God did not create male then male or female then female. The bond between man and woman is natural. That is why Dr.Faosiy asked why when two males marry each other, one wears as a bride and the other wears as a bridegroom. This strongly shows that even those who call themselves Gays know that there is a bond between man and woman. One of the students was asked as her personal view and she agrees that there should be same sex marriage since there is population crisis. The question is between God and Human beings who knows the best. If really same sex marriage is the solution to population crisis, then why did God not allow that kind of marriage but he put death instead? Death is the solution to population crisis because if today a baby is born then the same day someone has died. Is it not a perfect solution?

Interfering in God’s work is not ethical and practicing same sex marriage is against nature. Whatever God has planned for us, is the best. He knows best in terms of needs and desire. When same sex marriage is allowed, the Gays and lesbians will want babies. They will go for human cloning. Don’t you think whatever they do will be against nature? Weird creatures will be born. They are Human beings but through cloning and not sexual intercourse.

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