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Is it ethical to have same sex marriage?

During week nine, ten and eleven we discussed about the contemporary ethical issues. Under the contemporary issues including all three parts we discussed about so many issues such as cloning, surrogacy, abortion, same sex marriage, insider trade, death penalty, animals right, corruption, divorce and plagiarism.

Among all these above mentioned topic, the topic that stole most of our time and that attract me to include in my reflection is same sex marriage. This is serious issues about the marriage between same sexes or equal marriage. Similarly, every day we can see Gays and lesbians have been fighting for their rights. This issue was unknown for me in a sane I have never seen such issue practically in my life but when we discussed about this topic During Dr.Faosiy’s lecture I felt that it is unethical but also can be ethical. What I mean here is that this issue is totally contextual we really cannot judge from one angle sticking to the one point as some of my friends had done in the class. As the situation is contextual we can agree, disagree or can be in neutral. It does not mean that if I agree about this issue I am totally against the thoughts and ideas of my friend’s rather I do agree with my friends view but my thought is slightly different compare to them. So, as being a student all though I do not have enough idea about this issue but I like to trace out both side of this issue how it can be unethical and how it can be ethical from my perspective point of view.

In some nations and society same sex marriage is prohibited because they think that god have created male and female to marry each other. The bond between male and female is natural and pure as god created in this way. They also believe that marrying between same sex is like going against the policy made by god and religion.

Nevertheless, In some nation it is allowed and also declared by the constitution that same sex is allowed to marry, because they believe that both gays and lesbians are human being and it is there right to get marry once they fall in love after all everything fare in love. Similarly, being gay or lesbian is not a crime because they born as gay or lesbian and it is the part of nature. Eventually, during our discussion in the lecture some of friends point out that being gays or lesbians is a kind of diseases that leads to go against the nature law. So, he further mentioned that for such situation in society we should make strict law against same sex marriage or we should kill those who marry same sex. For me this sound so egocentric because when we look from the point of gays and lesbians same issues looks different. For an example he mentioned that being gay or lesbians are the diseases, in the same way we can say that if an individual is a patient of HIV he obviously seeks for the medicine to cure his disease that means everyone looks for medicine when they got diseases. It clearly shows that even though being gays or lesbians is a type of disease they have their right to look for the alternatives to cure that disease and should continue until they can find it. May be marring same sex could me medicine to some extend as they mentioned that they are the victim of disease. So, if we look from the point of gays and lesbians they have their right to marry with same sex; in other words same issues can be medicine for some people and society and also it can be poisons for another people or society which cannot be digest at all.

However, in my country Nepal we do not have any law about this issue because we rarely see gays and lesbians in our country and till now I have not seen same sex marriage between Nepali citizens. But if there is any case about same sex marriage in the future, I think our government should accept it as ethical because it is all about human rights and they are also human being with same feelings like normal being.

In conclusion, I believe that same sex marriage is unethical to some extend but it also can be ethical if it is only solution and it is very necessary.

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