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Is it ethical to do cloning?

During Dr.Faosiy lecture, we had an interesting discussion about cloning. Cloning is the process of producing similar living things which are genetically identical. There are various types of cloning but we mainly focused of human cloning.

As we all know that creation is from God that is why He is called The Creator. Human beings’ creating human beings is something that is not ethical. This is because you have interfered in God’s creation. For example, would it be ethical to do something that you were not told to do. Meaning you were not given the permission to do. Even if you do it as a volunteer people judge you as an unethical person. Most of us believe that nature is perfect. This shows that God is also perfect. But we human beings are considered as imperfect because we mostly make mistakes. How come an imperfect human being creates human beings? It means that the human being created would be imperfect. This goes against nature.

Someone is born with perfectly and later he or she does cloning due to some reasons. The replacement of some parts of the body with make him or her as an imperfect human being. Cloning can have large negative to the society. The respect among the family will lower. People will not value that person. Cloning is also human procreation assault.

The reproductive technologies used will lower human dignity since the process is artificial. Why should we involve on things that are weird. Changing body parts or creating someone that resembles like you will make the world no longer nice place to live. Carbon copies will be produced day by day that the world itself will not be able to accommodate.

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