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Is it ethical to disclose HIV positive patient’s record?

With the increment of HIV positive people, the possibility of HIV to get spread faster is more. Since, there could not be any medical treatment or cure for it, everyone starts avoiding, running or even talking with a person how who is HIV positive.  And that is because of the psychological feeling of scare that it might transfer to them, even though it is know how it could be transferred. Since then, some of the HIV positive have transferred that virus to many other people. In order to avoid that some people suggested that HIV positive people should be dis closed to the public.

I totally disagree with this idea because of some critical reasons. Frist, when dis closing the patient record to public it means that that patient will never be able to fit in the community. We know that not all of HIV positive got the virus through illegal sexual intercourse; some could have been a victim without knowing. When the record Is disclosed these people won’t be able to live any more since they won’t get work, part time job or even money. Moreover, since it is not possible for these people to get money, the first think they will think of in order to get money is crime. So, the numbers of crimes will increase and our societies are not going to be comfortable anymore. Also, these patients’ families are going to take parts in the crimes because they are eliminated from the community, too. Thereafter, some might go for higher crimes such as impersonation; they will start to impersonate others in order to get jobs. And from that they might again transfer the virus to many people as revenge.

I think the correct way to solve this problem is to increase the awareness among the societies. Nowadays, we have many tools to use for that. For example, media could be used and reach a very big number of people. Campaigns are also good way to inform people about the causes and effect of the whole scenario. Another thing is that there must be strict rules for a person who transfers the virus to another one without knowing. That is going to make the people who are affected by the virus responsible.

In conclusion, I think that disclosing is not going to do good in both counts; the community and the patients. In order to solve any problem we should always look for win-win solutions so, that everything can go smoothly.

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