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Is it ethical to apply death penalty?

When the number of crimes increases there should always be a strict punishment so that people will stay away from committing these crimes. However, it has also always been argued about some of the punishment which is being applied in some places which is the death penalty.

I think death penalty is one of the most important and sufficient law punishment that works in growing the community safer. When one person, free in mind and does not have any mental problem, kills another one intentionally, I think the correct and the fair thin to be applied is death penalty. Because that person does not have the right to take lives of other therefore that person should also be executed. To save the lives of other there should be a clear and strict law in the eye. For example, in the USA it is clear how the number of murder is high daily and mostly the criminals have a previous same record of murdering. That problem could not stop over years till now. I believe that the main reason for that is the criminals know that even if they kill they have big chance to live again. So, if we are not going to apply the death penalty until one person kills ten people or even more, then who is going to save these people.

In conclusion, I believe that punishments are there not to threaten people or to scare them. It is there to eliminate the crime because if a person knows that if s/he commits that crime they are going to apply death penalty on him, for sure we will have less number of crimes from this type. And from there we save the residents and we also stop the criminals.

Week 10

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