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Is it ethical for a serial killer to be shot?

Sometimes it happens to find someone who is so interested in killing people; children, young women, and so on. But the issue is that is it ethical to shoot that person in order to save other lives or only sends him to a prison.

If we look at the issue critically, we will find that they are many different parts involved in it. One is the killer, second is the victim and third is the victim’s family. So, when this killer kills one person, the family will be affected the most because the victim could be a father of children who may not be able to live normal. It might also be a mother of children who will not have a suitable person to raise them in the correct manner. It means that having these types of crime is going to create many social and societal problems which we all are against it

So, everyone agrees that this killer must be punished but the issue is how the punishment should be? I think ethically and logically if that killer is doesn’t have any mental or anything that can categorize the person as unmoral, that person should be killed. Again, how he should be killed? Is it ethical to shoot killer. For me, I think the killer shouldn’t be shot because as it is known that when a person is shot he or she is going to suffer some pains before dying. And I think that is somehow not really correct way of punishing, it should be fair. I think the best way it to behead the killer in public, so that other people will know how serious that kind of act is and how they are going to be punished. By applying this punishment there will be balance and fair to all the part which are involved in the issue. The victim’s family will feel that their right was given to them fairly. It also create much safer environment since everyone know what will be his end if does the same.

In conclusion, I think for every type of crime there should be a fair punishment that makes every part of the issue is satisfied. Having many strict punishment and rules doesn’t mean there a big want of killing or reducing the number of people, it means that  there is a big wall for others’ right which is not supposed to be jumped over.

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