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Is humanity progressing or deteriorating? The Panel Discussion

The word Humanity itself defines quality of compassionate and consideration to others, it is the quality of humane or benevolence. When it comes to the progression of human beings we can look it in to different aspects such technology, education and health. By tracing back in to our early history we can say we developed, hence over the years humankind has evolved and has progressed immensely based on our achievements in science and technology. We have made great inventions that make our lives much easier. Thousands of years ago we weren’t thinking of air travel or using the Internet as a means of communication. Without a doubt several inventions have made our lives better, however mankind also has its evil face as they made machines to kill and wound among themselves. Making nuclear weapons is a progress at its peak. We have reached a level where we can make machines to kill each other. I believe Science is the way forward for a chosen few people on the planet as only a few are benefiting from it. The rest of the world population are in famine, poor habitat and in violence ridden communities, caused by mankind’s aim to progress.

Moreover, whilst we’re worrying about having the latest iPhone, more and more families are losing their homes to natural distastes or are starving due to economic problems, or maybe they are prisoners in their own country because of backwards view of their government. I guess western civilization is progressing and our lives may be becoming more and more comfortable, but many other people across the globe face life threatening situations consistently because of our benefits.

However, in my point of view humanity is not progressing in many different aspects but let me concentrate only two main which are environmentally and socially. Firstly, environmentally the developed countries produce and release lots of pollution in to the air and consequences are not faced by only themselves but also the poorer community who do not even afford their survival needs experience the difficulties of the global pollution caused by the rich countries. Humanity is not progressing because the developed countries drop and trash their harmful over lefts on the oceans of the poorer countries. Furthermore, some developed countries pretend like helping the poorer countries and bring some foods that are under experiment to check to them which for me is unethical.

Secondly, I believe that humanity is not progressing socially, for instance Albert Einstein once said ‘’there will be a time when people will be idiots and technology will be smart’’; what I mean is that every day there are millions of dollars that he developed countries paid to attack on other countries by spending war on this huge money they can help to improve the humanity and help the needy people instead. Moreover, some other organizations spend lots of money by supporting some extremist and terrorist movements whom are against their government to create civil wars and clashes among each other which is un ethical in point of view.

To stress on my point, the first world countries have seen so much progress that they have enough time and funds to do research in things such as space travel (the possibility of one day living on another planet), as the one that we are living in will soon be destroyed due to progress. At the same time they are working real hard at destroying the world with their ideologies using guns and bombs murdering human beings as well as causing famine, aids etc. to achieve the task of being more progressive which seems to me very unethical.

In Conclusion, Humanity is not progressing as long as there are people in this world suffering from civil wars, disasters without help, harm from the developed countries and extremist/terrorist attacks.

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