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Introduction to Ethics: Reflective Diary – by Yahye Abdillahi Muhumed

Introduction to Ethics I must admit that when I saw writing diaries was going to be one of the requirements of this course, I am very eager to get started by writing the main discussions and issues that are discussed in the class. To do this, I will try to apply my thoughts and feelings as well as my experience that relate to each week or each class. First and foremost, thanks to my lecturer (John Britto) who has broadly explained the meaning and the study of ethics that helped me to understand what it stands and its crucial role to the personal and societal issues. I have understood that ethics is a branch of philosophy that involves the study of right and wrong concept. Therefore, after attending the first lectures and tutorials of this course, I have learnt that ethics can two be under two basic facets: determining what is wrong and right as well as the behaviour of the human to respond to these actions in a proper way. Moreover, I have read different articles with different ethical issues that helped me to understand more about the ethics and its core values. It is worth mentioning that after attending the second tutorial, I have received a lot of knowledge that I did not know before. From my lecturer’s points of this tutorial, I have realized that ethics is based on art (skills that can be learned) and science (based on facts for reasoning). Therefore, it can be summarized that ethics has four main reasoning tools that are comprehensives (looking all the possible aspects), coherence (step by step logical flow), consistency and Adequacy. At last, our lecturer divided the class into two groups and provided us a small issue to discuss about it. He told us to discuss whether lying is less harmful than killing or not. After that students started to share their different ideas and everyone expressed his/her own point of view. Speaking for myself, I agreed with some student’s point of views, however but my point of view is that the decision depends on the situation and the society in which the incident takes place. Therefore, I can say that before taking any decision to say it is more harmful or less harmful, we should first consider factors that brings the issue as a whole then comparing them together to take the right decision.

Written by: Yahye Abdillahi Muhumed

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