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Interpersonal Ethics (Week 5) – Kyaw Khant

During this week, I got to read an article discussing about the increasing rate of sexual harassment, especially, on the Internet. This article made me reconsidered the word “Ethics”. When the word ethics comes out, many people normally understand or automatically narrow this topic down into “Professional Ethics” such as ethics of a Medical Doctor, ethics of a Banker and ethics of a Teacher or into “Social Ethics” such as ethics of economics, environment, death penalty or homosexuality. But we usually undermine the impact of “Interpersonal Ethics”- ethics between two individuals- on today scenario of so-called Globalized Era. An obvious example of Interpersonal ethics which should be seriously considered is about couples.

According to the World Bank latest information, 2.4 billion people are actively using Internet Worldwide. Information could be spread out in a very short time than we could think of. Despite the fact that Internet can bring loads of advantages, it reciprocally has immense amounts of disadvantages especially in terms of social security of women or even men. Internet is a game which provides no exits. Once someone gets into it, he or she cannot come out by any way. If we look back how sexual harassment of today types evolved, we can find pornographic industry as the primary institute or initial cause. Internet is the best medium to promote and market the pornographic materials for the professionals of that business. Emergence of software and applications like Adobe Photoshop become an encouragement for youngsters to experiment fun by cutting off the faces of famous celebrities and replacing them with professional pornographic models. Further down, the amateur pictures of girls who consciously or unconsciously exposed their bodies became their target in order to grab the attention of public.

Moreover, online video chatting and online dating have brings enormous quantity of harms to women and girls. Through online video chatting, a girl could be asked to show up her private body which could be spread over the Internet. The most surprisingly, someone could even betray to his partner. There have been and still are cases where a boyfriend recorded his private time with his girlfriend which could be found on the Internet next morning where millions of people can see and share it at one time. As a result of it, the girl could be blackmailed or socially threaten and it could end up committing suicide. By this way, social security of women and girls has been a debatable contemporary issue. But who is to be blamed for this problem; the boy for being unfaithful to his girlfriend, the girl for believing in her boyfriend or the technology for being too advanced. In my sight, it is the unethicality of all of them. There should also be ethics between couples or lovers, Interpersonal Ethics, such as keeping their private moments as they are, being faithful over each other and being slightly skeptical on each other without over trusting each other. It has not at all been immoral to have sex without any kind of relationship in this very developing time. However, what immoral is publication of them. Nevertheless, it might also be a morally acceptable or ethically understandable issue in the (very near) future as homosexuality and living together is being indexed today.

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