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Internet Privacy

In week 10, it was an exciting class. The same lecturer who taught us in week 9, Mr. Faosi, continued discussing and explaining about more ethical issues.

Internet privacy, death penalty, and same sex marriage are the topics that we learned the idea of Mr.Faosi in week 10. That was interesting class. Especially, when we talked about internet privacy, I was much attention of all students on that topic. Every student is using Facebook, twitter, and much more other worldwide cyber sites to contact with their families, friends and relatives. From that class, we got much knowledge about cyber crime and also we could start to aware of our cyber privacy. Especially, he talked about girls exposing pictures on web and they have been abused.

Mr. Faosi also gave appreciated answers for all of our questions and he said we would continue next week as the final part of these ethical issues and dismissed the class.


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