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Internet ethics by Sariahvn

This week, we studied about ethical aspects in society nowadays such as in business, media, political, internet/facebook and healthcare. Among these sessions, I choose internet/facebook topic to write my own opinions and thoughts in terms of ethical side. Since the past, internet has invented and developed till the present. It may be considered as one of great achievements through history of human beings as internet bring a lot of information, help to send and receive data in a short and fast way.

Internet also provides users entertained programs, healthcare questions, daily news, sports and many other benefits for humans’ life. Nowadays there is an application of internet which is introduced some years ago but seemly it becomes so popular the people all over this world. It is called as facebook. This facebook bring closer relationships between people country to country as well as continent to continent.

By just sitting in front of a computer screen or a small mobile phone and having a facebook account, you can get plenty of instant and hot news only in a few minutes. Or, just click the add friends button you can view and make many friends with whom you have never seen before. Also, through internet and facebook, you can contact to your old fellow you have not meet for a long time, or talk to your family members that live so distance from you. By looking at lots of advantages of internet/facebook, we can see events, news and people throughout the universe. However, everything has its pros and cons.

We attain this thing then we may lose something else as humans’ life is never perfect. Similarly, internet/facebook has not influenced little to human beings. There are a lot of unreliable data sources, sexy ladies in some videos and pictures that are supported on the internet and facebook. I personally hate this most. Yes, I agree that due to certain desires and wants of humans, people can use internet for emotional things but do not let it begin violence, depraved thoughts, or bad habits that affect negatively to your ethical behaviors. Besides that, people tend to misuse of internet particularly young students.

Instead of making use of internet for searching information for the aims of study they become more and more addictive with games, non-educational pictures and clips; play with phones or suffering facebook as well as many other applications of internet. This makes strong negative effects to their study and their ethical behaviors since they tend to follow what they are view and practice it as a habit.

In my opinion, internet/facebook yes gives many benefits that make life become more pleasure and friendlier to me yet it does not mean that it is perfection and of course to the young internet/facebook is also like a challenge in ethical aspects for them. We should make use of internet properly and we need to be highly aware of bad influences from internet/facebook.


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