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In order to build peace

It’s already week 6 of our introduction to ethic class. In this week, the lecture had two sessions one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday. Thursday tutorial class was replaced by a replacement class. On Tuesday’s lecture session, we learnt about Chinese ethics and Persian ethics conducted by Dr.Hamid. But in Thursday lecture session, we learnt about Japanese ethics instructed by Dr.Hamid and Islamic ethics conducted by Dr. Hamid and Miss Siti Noor.

Dr.Hamid did the presentation about the Chinese ethics especially about Confucius ideology and philosophy. Confucius is a great famous Chinese philosopher of that time. His philosophies are still influencing the people until this age. There is even a region called “Confucians”. Confucians believed that they are the political agents and social reformers of their countries. That is the reason why in the past, there were many civil wars fought in China.

There was a question during the presentation about Chinese ethics or Confucians ideology. It is none other but, “what must be done in order to bring peace, order, stability and unity to chaotic and violent world?” This is the question which I have been asking myself for a long time. I have my own answer for that particular question.

In order to build peace, stability and unity, every single person in this world has to have sympathy, empathy, tolerance and selfless. Although it is my answer for my own self, I know it is impossible to change. Nowadays, the world is chaotic and full of conflicts because people are selfish, intolerance and have no empathy.

For me, personally, I do not think that the world will be in peace, stability and equality in the future. Even if it would, people will have to go through very painful situations and they will have to build it with regrets and tears.

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