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In my view torturing people is evil

This week (11) we discussed contemporary ethical issues part three, Dr. Faozy and Miss Vino were handling the lecture. We revised more burning ethical issues such as, Plagiarism, torture, corruption, humanitarian intervention and divorce.

Torture is a practice that disregards universal human rights, a practice that brings shame to the country which uses it, a practice that is so shameful it is only enforced behind closed doors. Torture has been practiced for centuries, in ancient times the common forms of torture included, public whippings, burning and being hung with chains. Many other forms of torture are used today, including rape, starvation, electric shock, dripping acid on the skin and even cutting out the main parts of the body like, gentiles and tongues. Yet, despite how heinous this crime is, over 150 countries including U.S practice the use of torture. We are familiar what happened in Iraq after the invasion of Americans, American solders did so many torture crimes in Iraq, women were raped, prisoners were died from beatings, while children of prisoners are abused to get their fathers to talk.

Countries use torture as a punishment of a crime see torturing a way that they can get information from suspected people. Actually, this will not be the solution, Imagine that US captured a man they suspected to be a terrorist, but he was not a terrorist; he wouldn’t admit to anything  so they tortured him; under torture, he admits to being a terrorist even though he’s not. The result is that an innocent man is punished as a terrorist and we still don’t have the real terrorist. Is this the solution? Exactly, No There is better ways to solve problems instead of doing such immoral things. This goes with saying, Torture should never be employed by countries in order to obtain information from a person because it is inhumane, unreliable and a direct denial of international human rights.

From the moral standpoint, no human should ever possess the right to degrade another human being for any case. Torture should be terminated it cannot be accepted under any circumstances. In my view torturing people is evil because it violates the rights and the human dignity of the person.

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