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Imagine world without wars

The first week in which the Deputy Vice Chancellor started teaching was all about the UN, however, I found more fascinating during the second week in which we discusses one of the principles of UN. UN aims to keep pace and prevent the possibility of another great world war. Nevertheless, the important question which we analyzed in the lecture was, is war inevitable? Despite witnessing all the destructions and deaths caused by the Great War, why don’t we change our mind set and avoid another worldwide bloodshed? ALL over the world people are fighting and dying, suffering and sacrificing, praying and purposing that “It must not and shall not happen again.” Freedom from war has become the first essential of human well-being. However, it is my view that war cannot be avoided in any means due to human egocentrism, but it can be minimized.

The world has witnessed two bloody world wars in which each one claimed millions of people and left widespread destruction. First World War eight hundred thousands of people were killed and many others were wounded. Some eight to ten hundred thousand were reported missing. Lots of money was spent in the war, which resulted inflation and starvation after the war. Similarly, the Second World War was more severe than the first one, and it has the greatest destruction ever. Its consequences were much more than the ones caused by the First World War. Thousands of people were killed while other millions were left missing. The world’s economic was destroyed and there was a widespread recession which led to starvation and many social problems.

It is really hard to imagine world without wars, and there is no way that war could be avoided. However it can be tried to reduce the likelihood of war to happen by practicing the policies mentioned below.

Firstly, governments should not decide to go for a war, they should discuss with the people through forums and panel discussion. It is true that most people do not want wars so if they are included in the decision makes, I believe it will help us to stay away from wars.

Secondly, people should try to intermingle each other and governments should try to understand the different cultures. I believe that a better understanding of cultures and communications would help us to avoid wars.

Thirdly, media should be controlled, thus the news and other problems will not be exaggerated.

Lastly, governments should publicize and oppose racial profiling to avoid conflicts.

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