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I follow the command of Allah

Ethics is not the same as feelings but feelings provide important information for our ethical choices. Some people have highly developed habits that make them feel bad when they do something wrong, but many people feel good even though they are doing something wrong. For this week, I have learnt about ethical framework of decision making which really gave me the views of my own ethical framework that I did not know before. The lecture was presented by Mr Jamie and he explained it well by providing some real examples which always happen around us.

There are five ethical frameworks which I have got to know from the lecture session and they are Relativist, Devine Command, Utilitarian, Virtue and Deontology ethical frameworks. Relativist framework mostly talks about believing in society and culture and it depends on particular situation where Virtue Ethics depend on a character of a person and how well the person makes the decision. Devine Command ethics are the laws given by the almighty while Deontology framework focuses manmade rules and laws. For instance, telling the truth is the command given by Allah in Islam which is the Devine command framework and sending a guilty person to the jail is the example of Deontology framework.

However, we rarely recognize all these Ethical frameworks while making any decision in our daily life. Previously, I have never heard about this ethical framework and I did not realize about my own ethical choice while making decision. Most of the time I follow my feelings which I got from my religion to choose the right and wrong but now I will try to think about different perspectives and the consequences of making different decisions.

In order to be fully confident in my decisions, my framework must be based on what values I regard the highest and according to the questionnaire I did in the class, my ethical framework is Divine Command framework. The base of my framework is the facts of the dilemma and the possible way to solve it. Nevertheless, no one knows all the facts and everything that we need in our life and therefore in order to make decisions we need to follow some rules and I follow the command of Allah in order to make my decisions. Additionally, all the frameworks have different roles in different circumstances and we need to know about these and I have got it very well from the lecture session of this week. Truly speaking, I have enjoyed the lecture session and I always feel good to know about this kind of ethical issues.

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