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I do confess that I don’t read news daily

As far as I remember that lecture was held by our DVC Professor Omar, the lecture was about The United Nations. The reason why this lecture was held because usually, people do have wrong and/ or different perceptions about UN, thinking that UN is corrupt or dependent on some certain identities. I am writing this reflection on 11th week of 2nd trimester, because I forgot to write it, but I do still remember the whole lecture, because it was quite interesting.

Professor Omar expressed his opinions on UN from various perspectives. Personally, I think that UN is dependent on USA or some other powerful countries. The reason why do I think so is uncertain, because sometimes I hear rumours and news tell us another stand. “The stand” means side of UN in terms of performance, I mean UN is ignoring powerful countries even if they are violent on weaker countries, and that is just personal opinion caused by listening to rumours. Coming back to what Professor Omar had said, he was not blaming UN, but defending it. He was giving some examples about UN helping poor countries and he mentioned that the reason why people think wrong about UN was not reading news at all.

I do confess that I don’t read news daily and that is the reason that I am still unaware of affairs going on in the world. Prof Omar was telling us the difference between UN and Link of Nations. He told us the reason why Germany, Russia and USA wasn’t included in the list of countries in the UN. I knew that Germany was excluded because of its damage done on our world during both world wars. USA voluntary refused to be in part of it and Russia was the same reason with Germany. I think the goal, aim and purpose of UN is to set sustainable peace in our world, and that is working in my opinion. It is working because, we aren’t having a war, and UN is helping my country, even poor countries too. United Nations is organizing various activities in each and every country, as a contribution to the countries’ development.

My perception on UN has changed a bit after that lecture, because I thought wrong about UN. I think rather than having a game in a class or lecture, that kinds of educational speeches would be more useful for all of us.

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