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Humanitarian intervention on Libya

We are approaching to the end of the course. In these weeks  we discussed about contemporary ethical issues as well. The lecturer was Dr. Ahmad Fauzi and Mr. John Britto in the last lecture. But during tutorial sessions, we did the panel discussions for course.

Contemporary ethical issues are the issues which are occurring around the world of current era. People are debating about  issues whether those issues should be banned or legalized. During our three lecture sessions, we could manage to discuss a large number of issues: cloning; euthanasia; surrogate motherhood; suicide; same-sex marriage; gay rights; animal rights; internet privacy; death penalty; honour killing; insider trading; torture; corruption; humanitarian intervention; plagiarism and divorce.

In this reflection, I would like to discuss about humanitarian intervention. Humanitarian intervention is an interference of foreign countries to a country which is having problems regarding human rights. For example, Libya and Mali. In the case of Libya, the president, Gaddafi, ordered to kill a lot of people to protect his presidential position. United Nations had issued a Resolution in 1975 to stop massive killing and protect civilians. International troops entered to Libya to protect civilians. It was the end of Gaddafi regime.

I personally agree on humanitarian intervention only if they are helping with clear intentions. For me, humanitarian intervention on Libya was not really with intention of humanitarian aid. There were some conspiracies between strong power countries like Britain, France and so on. Although they  claimed that they were helping Libyan citizens, their intention was to get more supply of oil and gas from Libya since Libya is the main supplier of oil and gas to some of the European countries like France, Italy, Spain etc.

Personally, I do not agree on most of the contemporary ethical issues which we have discussed in our three week lectures since I am following the Divine Command (God’s Ethics). Out of 16 topics, I only agree on 2 topics: animal rights and internet privacy.

Apart from this in our tutorial we had a Panel Discussion on the topic “Is Westernization of Cultures Ethical?” I really enjoyed working on this topic as being an Indian I feel that we are known for our diverse and preserved culture which we are losing now due to Westernization. I believe that we should preserve our culture and should not accept to the western ways of life because our culture is something which defines us.

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