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Human beings are extremely intelligent but living with weak heart and mind.

Throughout the 11 weeks of Ethics lessons, I learned that most humans are extremely intelligent living being with weak heart and mind.

I am not saying this because I am not a heretic; I am saying this as it is based on my observations and experiences. Humans are very smart; they can create new things and improve the invention into a better tool to help us in our daily life. However, it is a pity that we have a fragile heart and mind. They can do anything, even to go as far as hurting themselves, their love ones and other innocent people in order to obtain just a small benefit.

I will be frank to everyone, I as a student, sometimes cheat during exams or pop quiz in order to get good grades. Despite knowing the consequences, I could not help it as my exam grades will shape my future and worth my value. If you are lucky, then you succeed. But if you are unlucky, then your future may disappear in an instant. By cheating, I am not only hurting myself, I am also hurting my parent’s feeling if they learn that their hard working and obedient son is cheating.

There are so many bad consequences by cheating alone, can you imagine those hackers, drug dealers, mule (people who deliver drug to other country), corrupted politicians and greedy merchants and businessmen they are doing now in our society? They ARE smart as they earn a lot of money in one day using their unique and unusual methods and skills to gain profit. But it is a pity that they are using their talented skills in the wrong way. If we were to follow the correct path as what an ethical human should do, there will be peace in our live and we will be free from worries.

That is why we are studying moral class in our school and pledge ourselves to follow the rules of ethics (or code of conduct) when we are working. It is do maintain peace and prevent corruption and unnecessary arguments in our society. However, not everyone apply what they learn in ethic class as they have to break some of the rules in order achieve their goal.

In conclusion, it all comes down to our action as action speaks louder than words. Attending to moral and ethical class is like listening to a parrot preaching the same thing over again, and what the parrot preach may enter from our right ear and later exit from our left ear. What I mean is we have already moral and ethical values from our teacher and parents since we are young, but whether did we apply it to our daily life is another story. So the most important lesson in ethic class is to apply and use the ethical value through our life time.

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