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How to write in a good way?

Today was wonderful day, I came to class with smile in my mouth. I almost came late, because I woke up late in the morning. When I opened the door, Mr. Jaime was smiling to me and said “Good Morning.” It was good to me because Mr. Jaime given me a new spirit that day. I put my bag, and I signed attendant list in front of class. At some part of the class I saw my classmate taken some of pictures. Then Mr. Jaime said that was for our website. I was excited to hear that, because my picture will be uploaded in the website and other people can see it later.

Afterwards, Mr. Jaime explained to us how to write writing on good way. It was good learning, because I could improve my writing skill to be university student. Then I had some planned to improve more and more my writing skill and apply it on my entire subject. After that, we tried to identify some words, which it was for example for our lesson today. We identify that words came from which character, remember, understanding, apply, analyze, evaluate, or create.

I could not talk much about this week, because we did not have lecture this week. I thought that was all my reflection for this week.

Week 5

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